Travel conditions

In order for your personality training on our yacht to be a complete success for you, you must meet a few requirements:

Seafaring is an exciting topic, depending on weather conditions and the skill of the entire team. With our team you are on the safe side! However, you must also bring some personal requirements:


1. basically seaworthy *        2. physically and mentally fit        3. adventurous and eager to learn


What does "basically seaworthy *" mean?

Everyone has heard of the so-called "seasickness". Depending on your personal condition, certain triggers such as swell, limited space on the yacht, strong winds and anxiety can cause this temporary "illness". If you have ever felt unwell at sea in the past, please contact your family doctor before departure. He can prescribe medication as a precautionary measure.


How can you counteract seasickness?

physically fit / enough sleep / warm and dry clothes / no alcohol / light fare / fresh air / looking up to the horizon (your natural sense of balance then regulates the rest) Our tours are designed so that you can test their "seaworthiness" on the first stages and the country is always in less than 30 minutes and a good hotel also within a short time.


With the Bording the proof of a foreign health insurance is to be provided.

Personal preparation


I pack my suitcase and take it with me:


1. sportswear / sports shoes
2. Swimwear / flip-flops
3. Sunscreen (oils, creams at least factor 30, light headgear)
4. Casual clothing (if possible wind and water repellent)
5. Gala / business attire according to the company's specifications

and fill up the remaining space with everything else you need.