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Freedom means free to decide. Here you can plan your individual routes together with us. You decide whether it should be more adventurous, romantic, sporty or comfortable. Whether honeymoon, family vacation, birthday party or class reunion - an occasion always finds itself when the feeling of freedom on the waves of the sea calls and seduces the enchanting land. It may be that flying is more beautiful, but seafaring offers many new impressions that are unforgettable in the back of your mind - nobody can take that memory away from you.

Here is a selection of our offers:


Many interesting fishing areas can be controlled by yacht and under the guidance of a professional hunter. From deep-sea fishing over river fishing to a romantic trip to idyllic mountain lakes, everything is possible here. A huge variety of fish inspire every angler. Here everyone can experience unforgettable days on the Turkish Riviera, expand and consolidate his fishing skills. A hopefully "capital lad" should be the reward of the effort.


A coast full of ancient cultural treasures and a colorful past inspire culture fans. Cleopatra, Egyptian pharaohs, the ancient Romans, European crusaders, Arab peoples and even the Vikings left behind a treasury of buildings and legacies of the day that still make us wonder. Every guest can experience a coastal trip through many thousands of years of human history up close.


Do you feel like exploring foreign land, discovering new things, or dealing with basic things in life? According to the motto "Back to the Routs", we will explore islands, their fauna and flora, visit great caves, discover treasures and feed on what nature has to offer. But beware, who has a treasure on board is not safe from pirates! Our highlight is the tour: In the footsteps of Odysseus'.


The Turkish Riviera from Alanya to Antalya, Kemer and Bodrum has developed strongly in recent years. Hip clubs with international DJs offer a wide range of party entertainment. Not to mention the many Turkish bars with live music by local bands and artists. Let yourself be enchanted by modern oriental sounds.


As crazy as it sounds, but also this topic offers exciting tours on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. From exceptional fish dishes over typical local cuisine and menus with fruits of nature enchant the European palate. Here it is necessary to conjure traditional dishes precisely from these Mediterranean ingredients. Each place offers certain regional delicacies, which are then always freshly prepared and tasted on board with the participation of all guests. These trips are a special highlight for hobby and professional chefs who want to broaden their horizons and get to know foreign eating cultures. The whole thing is garnished with the beauty of the country and the experiences of local top chefs.

Fit and healthy-tour

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. And man, as a "movement animal", needs physical and mental challenges. Windsurfing, waterskiing, snorkelling, paragliding, swimming, diving, canoeing, jet skiing and also on-shore sporting activities such as hiking, golf and tennis offer the body-conscious vacationers a sheer inexhaustible range of choices. Here the sore muscles are guaranteed. A conscious diet completes the program. The pleasant sea climate supports lung functions and has a pleasant effect on the skin of humans.


Looking for great love or just enjoying a holiday flirt? On board you come closer. Romantic tours give you the opportunity to have interesting conversations and get to know each other on board or during shore excursions. Picturesque sunsets and the warmth of the Turkish hosts provide a buzzing ambience.

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Here we are open for all your ideas and do our best to put together the desired tour for you. Tell us your ideas. Considering the nautical, local and legal conditions almost everything is possible!

Special wishes please let us know when booking.

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