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the training

Ideally, the combination of communication and motivation training provides the best learning experience for groups of up to 12 people. The theoretical contents are linked with the practice modules and offer you in combination with the "blue journey" an unforgettable stay on board. Daily 3 hours of theory and about one hour of practice leave plenty of scope in addition to get to know the country and its people, enjoy culinary delights, visit sights and do sports. Exceptional team exercises help you to rediscover yourself and bring to light unexpected talents and talents. Become a master of communication and make your life even more successful! Workbooks with tasks, diagrams and blanks help to deepen what you have learned in the theoretical part and to always have it ready to call.

With us you experience advanced training at the highest level!

Benefits for companies or groups with the same interest


This training on interpersonal communication is an absolute must for leaders of successful companies. For the various groups of participants, the procedure is defined in advance according to the specific goals and specifications, so that every company takes home the best possible results. The field of interpersonal communication is an important economic factor for companies of all industries. You benefit from this concept in two ways: Firstly, you can motivate your employees by putting this personality training as a competitive goal, and secondly, the participants will come back to their work highly motivated and with basic specialist knowledge. Increase in turnover, fewer sick days, higher motivation, more initiative are results of this training so far and will bring similar results to all participants and companies. The communication & motivational journeys will leave a lasting impression and offer their employees new perspectives on their work and interpersonal relationships. This knowledge helps in all personal life situations.

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