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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

"Vizion-X Cruises" - 2017

Dear guests, dear trainees, please read carefully the following terms and conditions. They are part of the booking contract.    


1.Reservation and conclusion of the booking contract     

1.1. With the reservation (booking) of the contract "Vizion-X-Cruises" offers the customer the binding conclusion of the booking contract. This can be done verbally, in writing, electronically (e-mail, internet). The basis of this offer are the advertised training measures in combination with the blue trips according to the participation and travel conditions presented here.     

1.2. The contract is concluded only with the written reservation confirmation and the accounting by "Vizion-X Cruises". The electronic confirmation of the access of the travel registration as well as a booking form signed in the travel agency or one of our contractual partners does not constitute acceptance of the booking contract. "Vizion-X Cruises" is not obligated in the case of non-acceptance of the booking request, to the customer expressly the non-acceptance explain and / or justify non-acceptance.

1.3. The customer shall be responsible for all contractual obligations of fellow travelers and training participants for whom he makes the booking as for his own, provided that he has accepted this obligation by express and separate declaration.      

1.4. If the content of the reservation confirmation deviates from the content of the registration, "Vizion-X Cruises" is bound to this new offer for 10 days. The booking contract is based on the new offer, if the customer accepts the offer within this period by express declaration, deposit, final payment or travel.   


2. Services       

2.1.The performance obligation of "Vizion-X Cruises" results exclusively from the content of the reservation confirmation or booking contract in connection with the for             the date of training and the associated voyage valid             Training / travel description subject to all information and explanations contained therein. Ancillary agreements or other agreements (eg special requests) which change the scope of the contractual services require the written confirmation of "Vizion-X Cruises". In case of contradictions the reservation confirmation is decisive. "Vizion-X-Cruises" reserves the right to request an additional service charge for certain services on board.       

2.2. Not included in the training / travel price are any entry, border and visa fees, etc., which are levied by the country to which you wish to enter. If such fees are due, these are to be paid by the customer directly on site. Additional costs (eg for additional meals on board) arising from a quarantine for which Vizion-X Cruises is not responsible shall be borne by the guest or replaced. Also not included in the training / travel price are costs for the journey to the destination airport of the place of performance.        

2.3.The customer bears and organizes the journey to the destination airport itself. With the pick-up of the customer from the destination airport through our VIP shuttle service ordered or commissioned by us, the service obligation of "Vizion-X Cruises" begins.        

2.4. Performance providers (eg hotels / local agencies / third party carriers) and travel agents or other training exchange partners are not authorized by Vizion-X Cruises to make any representations or to make any arrangements beyond the information contained on the website or in the website Training or travel announcements or the reservation confirmation of "VIizion-X Cruises" or contradict or change the confirmed content of the booking contract.        

2.5. Place brochures as well as brochures of service providers (eg hotels, local agencies) are not part of the booking contract and therefore not binding for the contractual services of "Vizion-X Cruises", unless they have been expressly agreed by the party


3. Performance changes

3.1.The offers and information on the contractual training and travel services in our brochure are correct at the time of printing. Up to the transmission of the customer's booking request, however, for objective reasons, changes to the services are possible, which "Vizion-X Cruises" expressly reserves. Of course, "Vizion-X Cruises" will inform the customer of these changes before concluding the contract.

3.2. Changes to essential travel services of the agreed content of the booking contract, are necessary after the conclusion of the contract and that were not brought contrary to good faith by "Vizion-X Cruises", are allowed, as far as the changes are not significant and the overall layout of the training measure and the associated trip does not affect. This also applies, in particular, to changes in travel and lay times and / or routes (especially for safety or weather reasons), which are decided solely by the captain responsible for the yacht.

3.3. Any warranty claims remain unaffected, as far as the changed services are flawed. "Vizion-X Cruises" is obliged to notify the customer immediately about performance deviations. In case of significant changes in the training and travel services of the agreed content of the contract before the start of training, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract. The participant / customer must assert this withdrawal immediately after the declaration.


4. Payments

4.1. After conclusion of the contract (receipt of the reservation confirmation) and receipt of the invoice, the down payment of 50% of the total invoice amount is due immediately. When paying the invoice, the term of payment is 14 days, provided that the 14th day is up to the 36th day before the commencement of the training measure / trip.

4.2. For bookings of 35 days or more prior to the start of training / travel, the full invoice amount is due immediately, as far as the security certificate is handed over.

4.3. After full payment of the training measure / travel, the customer immediately receives his contract documents, but at the earliest 3 weeks before the start of training / travel. If the customer does not meet his payment obligations on time, "Vizion-X Cruises" reserves the right to withdraw from the contract after unsuccessful reminder and to charge the cancellation costs agreed under point 7.

4.4. The payment of the invoice amount has to be stated in the invoice Due date only to "Vizion-X Cruises" and can be made either by bank transfer, by credit card (eg MasterCard and Visa) or by CapriPay (Bitcoin / Capricoin / Euro). "Vizion-X Cruises" reserves the right to change the accepted methods of payment at any time with effect for the future. Unless otherwise agreed with "Vizion-X Cruises", payments made to intermediary travel agents or other contractors shall not be debt-discharging. After payment, a change of the used means of payment is no longer possible.

4.5. If the customer requires a payment made in advance before the due date of the claim in question, without being justified by a corresponding change in the booking, Vizion-X Cruises reserves the right to charge a reasonable handling fee.

4.6. Depending on the payment method selected by the customer, the customer will be informed in good time Payment process informed of the transaction fee incurred.

5. Prices and price changes

5.1. The indicated prices are binding for both partners. "Vizion-X Cruises" expressly reserves the right to change the total price before concluding the contract In particular, for the following reasons, the "Vizion-X Cruises" informed the customer of course before booking: An appropriate adjustment of the total price advertised in the price list in case of increase in transport costs, levies for certain services such as port fees or a change the exchange rate applicable to the training activity / trip concerned. A price adjustment is also permissible if the training measure requested by the customer and advertised in the price list is only available through the purchase of additional tourism services (quotas) after publication of the price list.

5.2. For special additional services (eg decoration for weddings / special land excursions / use of special non-onboard sports equipment, etc.) we provide the customer in advance with a cost estimate.

5.3. For the training and the trips of "Vizion-X Cruises" i. d. R. the respective price of the corresponding training / trip to price list, if none Exception is noted, or ancillary agreements were made with "Vizion-X Cruises".

5.4. In case of a subsequent change of the travel price, "Vizion-X-Cruises" must inform the customer immediately. Price increases are only allowed up to the 15th day before departure.

5.5. For price increases of more than 10%, the customer has the right to charge to withdraw from the training / travel contract. The customer must assert this right in writing to Vizion-X-Cruises within 3 working days of the notification of the price increase.

6. Resignation and termination by "Vizion-X-Cruises"

6.1. Should a customer pose a danger to himself and other travel and training participants because of his mental or physical condition, further promotion and participation in training by "Vizion-X-Cruises" can be refused and canceled. The affected customer is responsible for additional costs resulting from this.

6.2. Should a customer violate the ordinance, he or she may be warned by the captain or other authorized person depending on the severity. In the case of serious violations, especially in the case of drug use, the attempt to bring weapons, ammunition or other dangerous substances and the like on board, an immediate termination of the contract. This also applies when committing crimes on board.

6.3. The captain has the right under point 6.2. existing violations of the on-board regulations and the endangerment of the safety of the yacht and other persons the customer off without compensation. This is a termination of the contract by "Vizion-X-Cruises" equate. The customer in this case has no right to a refund of his travel / training price.

6.4. If a traveler has booked under false personal or address information or with a false identity document, "Vizion-X-Cruises" can terminate the contract without notice and dismiss the person concerned.


7. Resignation by the customer

7.1. The customer can withdraw from the contract concluded with "Vizion-X-Cruises" in writing at any time prior to travel or training. The withdrawal date is the written receipt at "Vizion-X-Cruises". 7.2. The following flat-rate compensation is entitled to "Vizion-X-Cruises" in any case of a resignation. This compensation is per person and is based on the respective total price of the trip or training measure.

Until the 21st day * 50%

From the 20th day to the 14th day * 60%

From the 13th day to the 7th day * 80%

From the 6th day * 90% No-show on day of travel / training 100% (* before departure)

7.3. If travel or training by "Vizion-X-Cruises" is not contracted provided, the customer can ask for remedy. If he omits this, he is not entitled to price reduction. In this case, the customer has to grant "Vizion-X-Cruises" a sufficient time frame for the remedy.

7.4. If "Vizion-X-Cruises" can not remedy the situation, the customer has the right to Price reduction. He must immediately address this request to Vizion-X-Cruises, Wernerstrasse 37, D-03046 Cottbus, by the 14th day after the end of the journey or training program.

7.5. Termination by the customer in the case of non-contractual execution of the journey or training measure is not possible in the case of non-culpable changes by "Vizion-X-Cruises". These include, in particular, weather conditions and other unforeseeable events affecting the safety of the yacht and passengers.

8. Reebooking

8.1. Basically, the customer has no right to change the travel date and Travel period or destination. In special cases, for example by Changes in flight times to the already booked travel date, however, we can easily with shifts by a maximum of 24 hours the trip or training participation carry out.

8.2. If the customer wishes to change the booking to another date, which deviates more than 24 hours from the original date, we can carry out a chargeable rebooking, provided there is no date collision with other travel or training groups.

8.3. The costs for a change of the booking amount to 3% of the total price and will be charged immediately by "Vizion-X-Cruises".

8.4. For repostings, the deadlines of the original contract are binding.

8.5. For group travel, you can carry out a free rebooking of persons up to the third day before departure. For this it is sufficient to give us the interview and booking form requested personal data of the (substitute) participant in writing, as well as the data of the originally booked participant, which then not at the trip or training measure. A later change will be a lump sum Fee of 50 € charged.

8.6. Transfers of the destination are i.d.R. also coupled with a schedule change. In these cases, Vizion-X-Cruises will bill you for the additional financial costs incurred (eg transfer of the yacht to another destination / additional port fees, etc.). The deadlines of the original contract (especially those under point 7) remain binding for the customer and will not be transferred to the transfer.

8.7. Rebooking fees are due immediately after billing.

9. Medical care on board

9.1. Our yacht has a well-equipped on-board pharmacy. Smaller injuries and illnesses can thus be treated well. In the event of serious illness or injury, patients will be referred to a professional medical treatment on land as soon as possible.

9.2. In addition to the first aid on board, no further medical care is included in the services of the "Vizion-X-Cruises". After transferring the patient to a doctor, our obligation to care ends. This disembarkation and transportation to the doctor are free. At the latest when boarding the proof of a foreign travel health insurance is to be provided.

9.3. If you need certain medicines, please bring them with you and inform the on-board staff if special disposal of medical equipment (eg diabetes syringes) is necessary. Observe the entry and customs regulations for each country when introducing drugs.

9.4. If you are physically restricted (wheelchair users or rely on mobility aids) please inquire in advance with us to what extent participation in the travel is possible

10. Liability / limitation of liability

10.1. "Vizion-X-Cruises" is liable for damage to customers' luggage and physical and non-physical damage resulting from culpable conduct of the "Vizion-X Cruises" have been created and "Vizion-X-Cruises" is extensively insured.

10.2. For damage to property which is not caused by gross negligence, tort or intent, the liability is limited to the amount of the travel price per person. The Montreal Convention will not affect claims related to your baggage.

10.3. Maritime transport is governed by the Liability Convention of the Athens Convention of 1974, its 2002 Protocol and the IMO Guidelines for the implementation of the Athens Convention and has been transposed by EU Regulation (EC) 392/2009.

10.4. For the loss or damage of valuables (money, jewelery, mobile phones, Laptops, tablets, photographic equipment, works of art or important documents) "Vizion-X-Cruises" shall not be liable unless they have been transferred to the crew for safekeeping and deposited.

10.5. "Vizion-X-Cruises" is not liable for personal injury or property damage that has arisen out of bounds (eg public transport, rented property, visits to museums, events, etc.). We strongly recommend our customers to take out travel baggage, travel accident and travel health insurance.

11. Privacy Policy

In accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act, the personal details and data you provide are used to handle our travel and training activities. Your data will be stored and used by us for this purpose. Your data will not be given to third parties, unless you give us the immediate order. The entire privacy policy and instructions can be found here.

12. Jurisdiction

12.1. For legal disputes, only German law applies.
12.2. Claims of the customer against "Vizion-X-Cruises" expire after 2 years according to §651 c to f BGB.
12.3. An assignment of claims of the customer to third parties, including spouses, is
locked out. Likewise, the assertion of the claims of the customer by third parties in its own name is inadmissible.
12.4. Claims of the customer against "Vizion-X-Cruises" can only be made on
Company headquarters in D-03046 Cottbus take place.
12.5. For complaints of "Vizion-X-Cruises" to the customer, the current residence of the customer is decisive within Germany.

Here you can download the terms and conditions as a PDF. (only German)

Terms & Conditions
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