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our Vizion-X


35 meter, 3 decks

On the total length of 35 meters and three decks

our guests have enough space and also find

a quiet spot ...

11 knots

Our 2 MAN ship diesel with 650 hp each provide for

a powerful yet quiet

cruising speed of about 20km / h.

680 square meters

Distributed on 2 main and up to 3 headsail, we use the power of the wind to make neat and environmentally conscious ride.

6 cabins

A salon, 6 guest cabins, kitchen, bar and 2 tax booths are modern equipped and bribe with noble materials.

Luxury at sea.

built 2008

Our traditional yacht was built in 2008. Currently, the new "Vizion-X" is a state-of-the-art yacht full of technical refinements.

28 meter mast height

Our aluminum masts are primarily used to hold the sails. the main mast can be climbed up to a height of 21 meters.

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