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Project Vizion-X

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Projekt Vizion-X

Currently we are in the design phase of our new yacht. It is important to observe all legal requirements in order to be able to use them worldwide. We attach great importance to the functionality to be able to do as many motivational and team exercises on board.
Use of modern navigation and control technology guarantee safety on our trips. Environmental protection, economy and efficiency require the use of high-quality materials and new technologies. Comfort and luxury must be guaranteed for our guests.


After many test drives and reviews of used yachts, the logical conclusion is the construction of a new yacht. Thus, we exclude many risks in commercial use, and assume that in the first few years no high costs for maintenance and repair have to pay. We increase profits by more than 70% compared to charter operations. This topic is highly complex and requires some personal discussions. If you are interested in receiving the extensive business plan, you are welcome to contact us in advance.

It would be conceivable to work together with several investors in order to have the currently required residual amount of approx. € 2.5 million available as quickly as possible. As a silent partner or as a lender, you can be involved in the long-term sales and success of the company. Fair contracts under EU law guarantee both sides maximum security and above-average profit expectations. Let us implement this project together and make our world a little bit better.

If you are interested in a lucrative, conservative and medium term investment, do not hesitate and ask for more information.

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