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communication & motivation training at sea

communication training

Do you always recognize the real needs of your fellow human beings and can you handle them? By the proper application of some communication rules, anyone who wants to understand himself and others better can gain a better reputation and enjoyment of life. Proper communication facilitates success in life even in difficult situations.

Basic training

1. self-esteem

2. human needs

3. conflict Resolution

4. motivation vs. manipulation

5. NLP- what the eyes betray

Advanced training

1. the transactional analysis

2. Pictures & psychological fog

3. defensive maneuver

4. the language as a lying instrument

5. Psychol. negotiation situations

motivation training

Goals and wishes are the motor of our actions. In search of new challenges, the definition of new goals and the concrete implementation according to our abilities, we let ourselves be distracted from everyday life and take our personality. What life story can you tell your grandchild?
Discover untold skills and talents that dormant within you. With us you will find these resources and we will help you to release them!


1. goal Setting

2. target definition

3. ways to carry

4. reduce fears

5. the right word choice

6. motiv+, behavior=goal

7. control options

8. need-satisfaction


1. Create a target collage

2. reduce faers

3. Game "pearl necklace"

4. Game "aground"

5. Game "find treasure chest"

6. Game "hoist flag"

7. game "colect coconut"

8. joint maritime maneuvers

Combine your own training content with our training!

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