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From private rounds to the training of entire workforces of medium-sized companies, 155 seminars have been successfully carried out so far.

More than 1800 participants from all professional and

business areas have successfully completed this training with various objectives.

More than 21 years of professional experience as an independent communications trainer, in 2016 Henry Graetz decided to join this revolutionary company expansion.

As part of a training in 2016, Henry Graetz received an honorary doctorate as honor and thanks Dr. of motivation -CCU Institute Inc. California

Henry Graetz, CEO, Founder, Head Coach

More than 20 years of professional experience as a communication and motivational speaker, over 1,800 references, and daily contact with people are the best conditions to choose him as your trainer.
The training, entertaining and exciting, combined with many live experiments and a pinch of humor is his figurehead. He offers communication from person to person without high-ranking technical terms. As a skipper, he is the 2nd captain responsible for safety and will help you with any questions.

Vanessa Becker, Marketing, assistant trainer

As a certified social pedagogue with several years of experience in mountaineering Karin Becker is the ideal cast. Your area of responsibility is practical motivation training.
She is responsible for your safety in the team exercises and is available to help and advice. Your gift to inspire and motivate people will help you to master even difficult group tasks. She is also the contact person for all your questions. Best customer service is her goal.

Mehmet Kravorally, 1. Captain

As a knowledgeable captain, he not only knows his way to the sea, but also shows you hidden natural beauties untouched by tourists.
In addition to navigating safely and maintaining the technology, he supports our team in the group exercises. He is in command of all nautical maneuvers in which you actively participate as a participant.
Putting on and putting on, setting sail is one of your team tasks. Mehmet looks over your shoulder.

Stefanie Richter, customer-service, assistant trainer

Your main job on board is to take care of your needs. From the menu selection to the cleanliness of the cabins, you can create the right atmosphere.
As a training assistant you will be given guidance and assistance in the practical part. A medical education and experience as a nurse are of great help on board.

When diving and all other water sports activities she is with you at the forefront! Your sore muscles can treat you physiotherapeutically well.

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